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    Magna Park Sagunto

                                                    Option XXL                                                                                                        Option 3 modules

    Magna Park Sagunto is an emblematic “built to suit” project which is located in one of the few plots in the Mediterranean corridor and South Europe, with a surface of 136,159 sq.m., capable of accommodating a GLA (gross lettable area) over 80,000 sq.m., available now. In a strategic location for both national and international distribution, Magna Park Sagunto offers its clients the possibility to develop a XXL warehouse under costumer’s specifications or alternatively, other modern logistics solutions with top quality standards and sustainability, with modules starting from 26,000 sq.m. in the north region of Valencia. Being a “built to suit” project we want to offer our customers the flexibility to develop a warehouse(s) based upon their specifications.





    Flexibility to carry out a warehouse adjusted to client’s needs. In the first instance, GLP proposes to develop a single XXL warehouse of 80,936 sq.m. (871,188 sq.ft.), or alternatively three modules of respectively 28,781 sq.m. (309,796 sq.ft.), and 2X 26,824 sq.m. (288,731 sq.ft.)

    Option XXL Warehouse

    Total available space

    1,465,603 SQ FT (136,159 SQ M)


    822,513 SQ FT (76,414 SQ M)


    41,118 SQ FT (3,820 SQ M)

    Car Park


    HGV Parking


    Dock Doors


    Level Access Doors


    Floor Loading Capacity


    Clear Height


    Option 3 modules

    Total available space

    1,465,603 SQ FT (136,159 SQ M)

    Building 1

    306,739 SQ FT (28,497 SQ M)

    Office building 1

    14,467 SQ FT (1,344 SQ M)

    Dook Doors Building 1


    Level Doors Building 1


    Building 2

    271,810 SQ FT (25,252 SQ M)

    Office building 2

    13,929 SQ FT (1,294 SQ M)

    Dook Doors Building 2


    Level Doors Building 2


    Building 3

    271,810 SQ FT (25,252 SQ M)

    Office building 3

    13,929 SQ FT (1,294 SQ M)

    Dook Doors Building 3


    Level Doors Building 3


    Car Park


    HGV Parking


    Floor Loading Capacity


    Clear Height


    Others information

    Appealing design


    Flexibility to suit operational requirements


    Structural frame designed to minimise columns and maximise operational efficiencies


    Provision of future docks where required


    Sustainable design features


    Energy-efficient fit out to reduce operational carbon footprint


    Structural design allows for site-specific alterations


    Spacious offices provide an optimal working environment


    Bright and welcoming reception area


    HGV yard depths are typically 35-54m deep


    Extensive HGV parking spaces provided on site


    Provision of ducts for future HGV charging


    Provision of car charging spaces and equipment


    Car parks and landscaping areas designed to provide a welcoming and sophisticated approach for staff and visitors


    Bicycle storage


    Safe separated access for cars/ HGV


    The warehouse will be designed in compliance with the main sustainability accreditation systems – particularly BREEAM, LEED, DGNB and to the principles of the WELL building standard



    Carrer Isaac Newton, 84-90,

    Destination Distance
    Valencia City Center 28 km
    Valencia City Center - Distribution Truck 24 km
    Valencia Airport 32 km
    Valencia Airport - Distribution Truck 23 km
    Zaragoza 285 km
    Zaragoza - Distribution Truck 2h50
    Barcelona 330 km
    Barcelona - Distribution Truck 3h30
    Madrid 375 km
    Madrid - Distribution Truck 3h47
    Direct access to A-23 ; AP-7 ; V-23 and V-21
    Train Line C5 and C6
    Bus Line 102 ; 111 and 115
    Sagunto-Valencia Port 4 km from Sagunto Port

    Information about the Population :

    • Sagunto municipality: 65,669 inhabitants
    • Autonomous community of Valencia: 5.00 million inhabitants

    Dynamic Region :

    At only 28km from Valencia city center, Sagunto municipality benefits from an extraordinary catchment area with over 3,500 businesses and a vast availability of work force, making it a great location to all logistics operators that want to strategically establish in a key location of South Europe.

    Road Accesses:

    • Direct access to A-23, AP-7, V-23 and V-21

    Public transportation:

    • Train (lines C5 and C6)
    • Bus (lines 102, 111 y 115)

    Sagunto-Valencia Port:

    • 4 km from Sagunto Port



    Brochure Magna Park Sagunto

    Contact Information

    Miguel Monreal


    +34 607 183 492

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