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    Honey Production


    There are many rewards when it comes to keeping bees. These range from thriving natural surroundings to the production of delicious honey.

    We are extremely pleased with how the four colonies on site have grown, and with the huge amount of honey they have produced this year. In the window of time they have been active, they’ve filled the frames in the hives with more honey than we know what to do with, as well as filling boxes with wax which they can expand into.

    Did you know?

    Honeybees will need to visit 2 million flowers to produce just 1 pound of honey, meaning one hive of bees will fly over 55,000 miles to produce it.

    Wax Production and Consumption of Honey

    We moved 4 colonies onto the site that have each done an amazing job. It has been a fantastic year for our bees here at the Milton Keynes site. At the start of the year, we saw them drawing out wax in order for them to build their new homes to expand into. Each colony has now drawn out 4 supers, which is where they store their honey. Bees are unable to produce any wax unless they are about 90% full of honey. For every pound of wax produced, the bees will need to consume anywhere between 6-9 kilos of honey. So, although we’ve seen a huge crop produced by these little wonders, there’s so much more that we haven’t seen.

    Fun fact

    We estimate that between the four supers we have, there is just under a pound of wax made by the bees. If one bee was to produce 8 scales of wax every 12 hours, then it would have taken 10,000 bees 3 days to have filled the supers with wax.

    Did you know?

    Honeybees have been producing honey in the same way for over 150 million years

    Our Beer, Gin, and Honey

    Here at GLP, it is important for us to be able to showcase what these beautiful bees can do, and how they can make our lives more fulfilled. We set our resident bee farmer, Andre, a task earlier this year to take the resources our bees had given us, and to turn them into more products. After a morning of visiting the bees, Andre did a sampling of some of his findings. We were so pleased with the array of products that he brought to the table, in particular the G-Hive Beer that has now arrived, and the G Bee Gin set to arrive over the next month, in time for Christmas. All of which we’ll be sending out as Christmas gifts.

    Since then Andre has created, along with help from trusted partners – GLP Beeswax Wraps, Honey BBQ sauce and Honey Jerk Sauce and a new 2020 GLP Honey Pale Ale all made using honey and wax from our very own apiaries.

    We are dedicated to finding new, interesting and innovative ways to showcase what we can do to support the cause of looking after the British honeybee and helping to prevent its continued decline in numbers over the last few years. What better way to do this than take the excellent resources they offer us, and turn it into something that everyone is able to enjoy.


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