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    Magna Park North Lutterworth


    Magna Park North, Lutterworth offers a significant new extension to the existing development and brings forward over 225 acres of land for development.

    The site will offer build-to-suit development options in a range of sizes with units from 100,000 sq ft to over 1 million sq ft in a single unit, and overall up to 3.3 million sq ft.

    The development has been harmoniously designed to integrate with the surrounding natural environment and will feature a range of WELLness and recreational amenities.

    Its superb strategic location with direct frontage onto the A5 carriageway offers occupiers seeking to expand their operations into brand new floorspace fast connections to the M69 to the north, M1 to the east and M6 to the south.


    Many of our customers require their warehouse buildings to demonstrate excellent environmental performance.

    GLP is now recognised across the world for delivering industry-leading warehouse buildings that continuously exceed our original environmental aspirations, while supporting our customers’ business operations in many effective ways.



    699,812 SQ FT (65,014 SQ M)


    144,851 SQ FT (13,457 SQ M)


    114,077 SQ FT (10,598 SQ M)


    292,939 SQ FT (27,215 SQ M)


    837,325 SQ FT (77,790 SQ M)


    874,826 SQ FT (81,274 SQ M)


    368,879 SQ FT (34,270 SQ M)

    Total GIA

    3,332,709 SQ FT (309,618 SQ M)


    Destination Distance
    M1 Junction 20 2.5
    M6 Junction 1 4.5
    M69 Junction 1 7
    Rugby 7.5
    Coventry 19
    Northampton 25.5
    Destination Distance
    Birmingham Airport 30
    Birmingham 36
    Central London 89
    Heathrow 91
    Manchester 118
    East coast ports 150



    As with all major employment locations, especially those with good strategic access, Magna Park draws its workforce from a wide area. Survey evidence of where employees at Magna Park reside demonstrates the very wide-ranging labour market catchment.
    In a 2018 survey of employment agencies, the results indicate that occupiers tended to concentrate on Leicester and Coventry as their principal sources of labour.


    According to the latest Annual Population Survey (APS) data for the 12 months to March 2019, there was a total of 1.44 million people of working age 16- 4 in the Magna Park catchment area.


    The jobs density, which measures the number of jobs per working age population in an area, is at 0.85 which is similar to the Great Britain average of 0.86. This implies there is a reasonable balance between jobs and workers within this catchment area.

    Onsite Logistics Institute of Technology (LIT)

    A university-partnered logistics academy and campus to prepare students for careers in the industry and help feed the talent pool in Magna Park.
    “…there is a projected
    growth in labour
    supply over the period 2018 — 2031 of 76,700
    additional workers…”

    Future Labour Supply

    For occupiers at Magna Park, the current stock of available labour in the catchment area is of interest but so will also be the supply of labour in the future. As part of their evidence to the Harborough Local Plan, GLP commissioned independent demographic projections of the future labour force.
    This shows that for the defined Magna Park catchment area there is a projected growth in labour supply over the period 2018 — 2031 of 76,700 additional workers, an increase of 6.4% on the size of the current workforce, or a growth rate of 0.5% p.a. over the period.


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