Asia logistics: Cost and complexity

Asia logistics: Cost and complexity

Source: Asian Venture Capital Journal

Interest in supply chain technology among Asia’s generalist GPs has been rising for several years, largely in synch with corporate demand for solutions that help mitigate costs or risks arising from greater operational complexity.

GLP supports these technologies as investor as well as strategic partner. The parent company divides its supply chain ecosystem into three layers: infrastructure; finance, energy, and materials; and business solutions. Hidden Hill, GLP’s private equity arm, occupies the upper two, targeting logistics services, digital supply chains, and technology enablement such as robotics and the internet of things (IoT).

Xiaoyan Shu, head of investor relations and business development at Hidden Hill, shared that the company invests in adjacent areas that are providing services to large e-commerce players. Early investments included G7, an IoT fleet management platform that provides shipment tracking and related financial services. Inceptio, an autonomous driving technology developer specialising in line-haul trucking, spun out from G7 and was incubated by Hidden Hill and Nio Capital, an investment firm established by the founder of EV manufacturer Nio.

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