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Consortium led by Ecorodovias and GLP wins Brazil highway concession

Consortium led by Ecorodovias and GLP wins Brazil highway concession

BR-153 Highway will be managed by consortium that will invest BRL 7.8 billion in infrastructure improvement works over the next 35 years

Sao Paulo, 30 April 2021 – A consortium formed by Ecorodovias, one of the largest Brazilian integrated logistics companies, and GLP, the global investment manager specializing in logistics, has won the BR-153 highway auction with a bid of BRL 320 million (USD 57 million).

This toll road concession has more than 850 kilometers connecting Alianca do Tocantins (TO) and Anapolis (GO), a fast-growing region and a key national transportation route for agricultural products and cargo from the center-south to the north region and northern port terminals in Brazil.

Ecorodovias and GLP will invest BRL 7.8 billion (USD 1.4 billion) over the next 35 years to improve the infrastructure and services of the roadway. The planned works include road duplication and the construction of additional lanes, along with the provision medical and mechanical assistance services, and a wi-fi network throughout the entire highway stretch.

GLP has a team dedicated to prospecting and investing in infrastructure assets in the Brazilian market which has a solid pipeline of opportunities, and made its first investment in the highway segment, the Way-306 concession in December 2019. Apart from creating synergies with GLP’s core logistics business, GLP sees great potential for the development of infrastructure investments in Brazil, which remains one of the most underserved logistics markets globally and is also one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world.

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