GLP achieves LEED Platinum certification for Beijing Yizhuang Data Center

GLP achieves LEED Platinum certification for Beijing Yizhuang Data Center

GLP Beijing Yizhuang DC is one of the few data center infrastructure projects in China to achieve the internationally recognized green accreditation

Shanghai, 28 April 2023 - GLP Pte Ltd. ("GLP") announced that it has received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification for GLP Beijing Yizhuang Data Center (“GLP Beijing Yizhuang DC”). This is the highest level of certification by LEED, the most widely used green building rating system in the world and GLP Beijing Yizhuang DC is one of the few data center infrastructure projects in China to achieve this level of certification.

“The LEED platinum certification is recognition of our ability to create high-performance, energy efficient data centers integrating technology-enabled intelligent asset operations. We continue to lead the way as an industry leader in sustainable infrastructure, accelerating progress towards greener and more efficient data centers,” said Teresa Zhuge, Executive Vice Chairman of GLP China.

LEED Platinum Certification


GLP Beijing Yizhuang DC was certified under LEED for Existing Building – Operations & Maintenance (LEED EB O&M) system. The project’s sustainable achievements leading to its LEED v4.1 Platinum certification include:

  • A full score in the LEED energy consumption performance review and 96 of 100 under Energy Star1
  • Approximately 27% reduction in water use from water-saving appliances which obtained a full score under the LEED indoor water reduction category
  • Sustainable procurement makes up approximately 62% of daily operation supplies
  • Reflective roof for heat island reduction
  • High voltage direct current (HVDC) power supply which is more energy efficient and cost effective than traditional alternating current (AC) power distribution
  • Chiller plate exchange model with chilled water as a cooling mechanism which uses less energy compared to traditional air-cooled systems
  • Intelligent LED lighting systems installed in server rooms to prevent energy wastage and sustainable lighting fixtures used throughout the project are 100% mercury free
  • Carbon dioxide monitoring devices in densely populated spaces to monitor indoor carbon dioxide concentration in real-time


In addition to advanced environmental design features, GLP Beijing Yizhuang DC is equipped with GLP DC Base, a proprietary multi-data center smart operation and management system which utilizes centralized control model, digital twin, and artificial intelligence technologies to monitor and manage performance parameters such as temperature, humidity, water and air quality to optimize energy efficiency of the data center. Through these measures, GLP Beijing Yizhuang DC saved approximately 260 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2022.

In China, GLP is one of the largest independent data center operators with assets that will deliver over 1,400 MW of IT capacity. Our full-service data center platform is led by a best-in-class team of over 700 professionals with deep domain knowledge across IT, utilities and mobile communications companies. GLP has committed to ensuring that 100% of its new data center projects in China comply with GB-A/T32 standards and ODCC3 certification.


[1] Energy Star is the energy management tool of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) used to evaluate the energy consumption data and PUE of the project.

[2] GuoBiao (GB) standards are the highest classification of national standards with specifications issued by China for various products and services. A Tier 3 (T3) data center has multiple paths for power and cooling and systems in place to update and maintain it without taking it offline. 

[3] Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) is formed by key data center industry players with an aim to create an open data center platform in China and promote the development, acceleration and standardization of the industry.

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