GLP Develops Advanced Logistics Facility GLP SJL Sakai in Osaka

GLP Develops Advanced Logistics Facility GLP SJL Sakai in Osaka

GLP SJL Sakai is a JV Development Project with JUSDA a Global Returning Customer and SJL

Tokyo, 16 September 2022 - GLP today announced the development of GLP SJL Sakai, an advanced logistics facility with a total floor area of approximately 93,000 sqm in Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, for SHARP JUSDA Logistics Corporation (“SJL”). Construction is scheduled to start in December 2022 and to be completed in January 2024, with a total investment of approximately JPY 18 billion (~US$130 million).

Jusda Supply Chain Management International Co., LTD. (“JUSDA”). is a global provider of logistics-related operations and logistics solutions, majority owned by Foxconn Technology Group. SJL is a logistics solutions company established by JUSDA and SHARP. GLP SJL Sakai will be developed through a joint venture (JV) formed by JUSDA, SJL and GLP Japan.

JUSDA is a global GLP customer currently operating at GLP's modern logistics facilities in China. This development expands the relationship to GLP Japan to fulfil its growing local demands. Leveraging on GLP’s advancing technological innovations, SJL plans to designate GLP SJL Sakai as its new distribution center. With an optimised design that features vertical conveyors, increased floor loading, and LED lighting with motion sensors, the facility offers value-added services that maximise SJL’s operational efficiency.

As part of GLP’s commitment to embed ESG considerations in its developments and in partnership with customers to enhance sustainability, GLP SJL Sakai will be designed to meet CASBEE and ZEB, leading third-party green building certification systems in Japan. Green features will include solar power generation. The facility will add to GLP’s expanding suite of green certified buildings.

Yoshiyuki Chosa, President of GLP Japan, said: "We are very pleased to commence this new project in Japan with JUSDA and SJL, which is the result of our global relationships and testament to our specialised offering. This is the first JV development project for GLP in Japan with a returning customer globally, and we hope to capture future opportunities with our customers to develop logistics facilities through JV and our global network.”

GLP Japan supports the business development of our global and Japanese customers, while committing to building ESG-friendly facilities that reduce environmental impact. GLP Japan focuses on collaboration with contractors, local governments and communities to create sustainable environments and resilient local communities.

GLP SJL Sakai is located approximately 3.5km from Sambo JCT on the Hanshin Expressway No. 4 Wangan Route and the Hanshin Expressway No. 6 Yamatogawa Route, and approximately 10km from Osaka Nanko, a transportation and delivery base. With delivery services nearby, it will be a competitive distribution base given its high level of accessibility.