GLP Japan breaks ground on purpose-built cold storage logistics facilities totaling 55,000 SQM

GLP Japan breaks ground on purpose-built cold storage logistics facilities totaling 55,000 SQM

  • GLP is Japan's top provider of logistics real estate, offering innovative solutions to address challenges faced by cold chain operators and logistics providers.
  • GLP Kobe Sumiyoshihama and GLP Rokko V are purpose-built to provide much-needed capacity to support the continued growth of the cold chain industry in Japan


Tokyo, 25 April 2023 - GLP Pte Ltd. (GLP) announced that it has started construction of fully refrigerated cold storage facilities in Japan totaling 55,000 SQM. GLP Kobe Sumiyoshihama and GLP Rokko V will be GLP’s purpose-built logistics developments in Japan to provide much-needed capacity to support the continued growth of the cold chain industry.

In Japan, GLP is the leading provider of logistics real estate and has one of the largest footprints of frozen and refrigerated logistics warehouses in the market. The company offers a wide range of innovative solutions including temperature-control retrofit, distribution and storage to address common challenges faced by cold chain operators and logistics providers. To-date GLP Japan has retrofitted 22 existing buildings, covering an area of around 220,000 SQM, to make them suitable for frozen and refrigerated logistics use. GLP Kobe Sumiyoshihama and GLP Rokko V are developed purpose-built cold storage facilities designed to exceed the current market standards in terms of customer service levels and facility quality.

Yoshiyuki Chosa, President of GLP Japan said: “In recent years, we have experienced a significant increase in customer demand for cold storage solutions. We have sharpened our developmental and operational expertise in this area to provide the next generation of modern cold storage facilities to better serve existing and new customers.  We continue to leverage our deep experience in logistics to provide highly versatile cold storage solutions to help customers expand their cold chain network.” 

The two purpose-built logistics facilities are located near the port of Kobe which serves as a vital hub port for countries in Asia as well as the Kansai and Kyushu regions. GLP Kobe Sumiyoshihama is a multi-tenant development with full-building refrigeration and variable-temperature zones and GLP Rokko V is a speculative development pre-leased by third-party logistics (3PL) provider Fujiwara Unyu for refrigerated logistics and storage services.  All facilities are designed to meet Japanese regulations and specifications which ensure the safety and quality of stored perishable goods.

As one of the largest importers of food products, Japan’s frozen food industry continues to expand with consumption growing at an average annual growth rate of 2.2% and domestic production value at 4.3% between 2012 to 2021. In addition to serving the domestic market, the Japanese cold storage sector also plays a significant role in supporting the country's food exports. This has increased demand for advanced cold storage facilities to store perishable goods such as frozen vegetables, meat and fish products, and frozen prepared meals at varying temperatures. 

GLP is committed to sustainability across all its businesses and developments. GLP Kobe Sumiyoshihama and GLP Rokko V implement carbon and energy-saving initiatives such as natural refrigerants, rooftop solar power generation, LED lighting and natural disaster proofing. Both developments are also designed with plans to receive either CASBEE or ZEB green building certifications. 

GLP continues to develop and build its logistics supply chain ecosystem through scaling its cold storage business. As of 2022, GLP delivered over 3 million SQM of cold storage space across our markets in Asia, Europe and the Americas. 

GLP Kobe Sumiyoshihama

GLP Kobe Sumiyoshihama is set to be one of the largest leasable cold storage facilities in Japan with a total floor area of approximately 45,000 SQM and a capacity of approximately 52,000 tons and this is suitable for distribution-type cargo. The entire building is equipped with a variable temperature zone technology that can be switched between freezing and refrigeration zones (-25°C to 10°C), allowing it to cater to a wide range of customers including food manufacturers, food wholesalers and 3PL companies. The multi-tenant facility allows customers to occupy small lots according to their storage needs and is fully equipped with advanced cold storage technologies to reduce capex cost for its tenants.

GLP Rokko V

GLP Rokko V is a versatile frozen and refrigerated logistics facility developed in partnership with JA Mitsui Lease & Building Co. Ltd for Fujiwara Unyu, a 3PL service provider and this is suitable for storage-type cargo. As a logistics distributor of food and perishable goods, Fujiwara Unyu requires a network of temperature-controlled logistics bases throughout Japan. With total floor area of approximately 10,000 SQM and approximately 12,000 tons capacity, the RokkoⅤwill be used to support Fujiwara Unyu’s logistics services including distribution, processing, packing and climate-controlled storage of third party goods. 

1Source: Japan Frozen Foods Association, Production and Consumption of Frozen Foods in 2021

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