Be innovative and entrepreneurial. Think beyond the bounds of what's possible.

We are deeply invested in people and culture

People and culture are core to our business and global success. We are deeply invested in people who want to make things happen, who have big visions and practical know-how, and who have what it takes to challenge convention and push businesses and industries forward.

We are entrepreneurial, growth focused and have a winning mindset to be the best. We encourage our people to think beyond the bounds of their role and our industry and pursue innovation, share new ideas and work as a team.




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"We believe in empowering people to be entrepreneurial, growth focused, have a winning mindset and a passion to be the best. We focus on thinking beyond the bounds of our industry by pursuing innovation, sharing new ideas and pushing each other to succeed."


Co-Founder and CEO, GLP

Our leadership empowers employees at all levels to have big ideas. We believe in bringing together different skill-sets and mindsets leads to better outcomes. We encourage our employees to think about how their actions and decisions can add the most value.

We focus on maintaining a small company identity with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our passion for winning means new ideas and fresh thinking are vital to our long-term success. Thinking like an entrepreneur requires you to take action, accept responsibility for your decisions, improving your skills, and where necessary learning from mistakes, to achieve the best outcome.

GLP engages in performance reviews and talent development initiatives including on-the-job experience, exposure and education that align with individual career development plans. We have a strong focus toward gaining experience through real-time development, especially when knowledge exists but practical application is required. We want to give individuals the option to expand their scope and responsibilities by giving them access to mentorship, stretch projects, higher duties or acting roles, job rotation and/or secondments.

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Diversity Policy

GLP is a global company with offices around the world that share the same values, and strives to create an inclusive environment which embraces diversity and fosters inclusion.  We see tremendous value in and are strongly committed to having a well-rounded, inclusive workplace starting from recruitment all the way to leadership training. We strive to attract, develop, retain, and promote the best talent - people from diverse backgrounds with unique knowledge bases, interests, cultural identities and skill sets. 

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We believe that valuing diversity and inclusiveness enables us to achieve our vision to create unmatched value for our investors, customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we work.

GLP’s unique recruitment, training programs and talent development platform give our employees opportunities to expand their roles and responsibilities and prepare them for leadership roles. 

With the support of GLP Senior Management, our diversity practices and policies mean:

  • Diversity and inclusion is recognized as a business advantage for GLP, and embedded in GLP’s values and culture
  • We reward and recognize employees for their skills, commitment and performance;
  • Respectful communication between all employees regardless of title or level is mandatory, we promote debate and constructive challenge, and make it safe to propose new ideas and questions;
  • We create an environment where employees feel that their background and lifestyle do not affect perceptions of them as a professional, or affect their opportunities for development and promotion;
  • We have implemented recruitment and selection practices that provide for a diverse range of candidates and recruit, appoint and promote on the basis of merit, internally and externally; and
  • The diversity of our workforce is visible at every level of the organization and in every business area.

In essence, having people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and cultural identities makes us a stronger and more effective organization. 

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