We are deeply invested in people and culture

People and culture are core to our business and global success. We are deeply invested in people who want to make things happen, who have big visions and practical know-how, and who have what it takes to challenge convention and push businesses and industries forward.

We are entrepreneurial, growth focused and have a winning mindset to be the best. We encourage our people to think beyond the bounds of their role and our industryand pursue innovation, share new ideas and work as a team.

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Why join GLP

"We believe in empowering people to be entrepreneurial, growth focused, have a winning mindset and a passion to be the best. We focus on thinking beyond the bounds of our industry by pursuing innovation, sharing new ideas and pushing each other to succeed."


Co-Founder and CEO, GLP

Our leadership empowers employees at all levels to have big ideas. We believe in bringing together different skill-sets and mindsets leads to better outcomes. We encourage our employees to think about how their actions and decisions can add the most value.

We focus on maintaining a small company identity with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our passion for winning means new ideas and fresh thinking are vital to our long-term success. Thinking like an entrepreneur requires you to take action, accept responsibility for your decisions, improving your skills, and where necessary learning from mistakes, to achieve the best outcome.

Our ability to think globally and act locally differentiates us from others. As a global business with offices around the world, we have the opportunity to transfer knowledge and share insights from different markets to build a stronger, more resilient global business and create value for our investors and customers.

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