Born in 2024
GLP Data Center

With the strong sourcing and development capabilities we have cultivated in the field of logistics real estate,
and using our business-building skills,
we will design data centers as part of overall development.

More sustainable, safer, and more effective.
We will create and deliver a “new stream” with unconventional thinking.

One of Japan's largest data centers
in the east and west of Japan

The year 2024. Campus-type data centers with capacities of up to 600 megawatts will be established in the east and west of Japan.
The data centers will be expanded in order to support business growth and meet business needs.

  • IT Capacity


  • Style

    Multiple DC Campus

  • Location

    Tokyo & Osaka

Data Center Platform
GLP Aims

With a campus-type data center that is designed not only in terms of points but also on the surface,
we will fundamentally solve users’ problems.

Point 01

Realization of a campus-type data center

Eliminate the need to find a data center

It can be expanded within the same site in a timely manner according to the scale of demand.
There is no need to search for a site or secure power supply for each expansion, so the network becomes simple.

Making it easier to deal with future deterioration

It is possible to repeatedly rebuild on the same site.
By consolidating the data centers into a single location, it is easier to relocate servers when necessary.

Point 02

Achieving "no stops" through wide-area distribution

We provide campus-type data centers in locations that are chosen for communication latency in dense user areas.
By having bases in the east and west, it is possible to physically distribute the system as well as the power suppliers.

In addition, by establishing campuses in different parts of the same metropolitan area, it is possible to spread risk over a wide area, taking disaster contingencies into account.

Global Headquarters

GLP is engaged in the data center business in both Japan and China.
We are also planning to expand our data center business to other regions in the future.

We will provide strong support for our customers by utilizing our development experience and the latest know-how cultivated in other countries.