GLP signs new Power Purchase Agreement in Europe

GLP signs new Power Purchase Agreement in Europe

Netherlands, 2 November 2023 - GLP has signed a 15-year PPA for its rooftop solar PV plant located at its logistics park in Oss, the Netherlands. Under this tri-partite PPA, Xidoor, a Dutch door manufacturer, will purchase the entire production of solar energy from Oss for a period of 15 years at a fixed price, through the intermediary Scholt Energy.

The solar roof comprises 5,520 solar PV panels, with 2.5 MW of installed capacity. The rooftop solar plant was built by Ecorus, a leading Dutch solar developer and installer. Close to 2,500 MWh of clean electricity is expected to be generated per year and consumed by Xidoor.

The signing of this agreement means approximately 40% of the total energy consumption across Xidoor’s two manufacturing sites in Berkvens and Svedex will be covered by green energy, doubling the company’s annual solar energy consumption, creating cost savings and a positive environmental impact, representing about 882 tons of CO2 emissions reduction each year.



GLP is an industry leader in sustainability and is continuing to help accelerate the energy transition and work towards a clean future by leveraging its significant real estate footprint. The firm has been investing in renewable energy solutions for several years, and today it has over 770 megawatts (MW) of installed solar PV capacity globally, which can significantly decrease CO2 emissions. The clean energy generated by GLP is sold back to customers and utility companies, reducing the pressure on local electricity grids and positively impacting their communities, tying into GLP’s overall ESG and sustainability goals.

Stefano Fissolo, Senior Director, GLP Clean Energy, commented: “This Power Purchase Agreement is an important milestone as we continue to build the momentum of our onsite renewable energy program. As a global industrial real estate player, we recognise our responsibility to lead the transition towards renewable energy sources, and we are proud to be setting the benchmark for sustainability innovation in our sector. This agreement is a significant step forward and we will continue to explore other similar projects in the coming months.”