Technology & Services

Real estate and technology are becoming increasingly interconnected and can make our assets and businesses more valuable.

GLP is dedicated to investing and developing innovative new technologies and services that enhance our businesses and assets by making them smarter and more efficient.

We are focused on data analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), telematics, sensor technology and more to apply in our logistics and business parks which are flexible enough to be applied to a range of businesses and can support a variety of customers and partners. GLP Asset Services Platform manages over 300 logistics and industrial parks, serving over 1,600 business clients, creating value throughout different stages of the asset life-cycle.

Through its fintech platform GLP leverages block-chain technologies to provide supply chain finance solutions aimed at bridging the information gaps between SMEs and financial institutions, making capital accessible to small businesses that need it the most.

Using Technology for Efficiency

More than 14 million consumer buying and delivery data points are collected by GLP to optimize routes and delivery schedules to reduce transportation costs for our customers by up to 20%.

Entrance management technology increases the speed of gate traffic by 95%, increases utilization of loading docks by up to 50% and improves overall efficiency of security operations by 25%.

Our proprietary AI and IoT tool uses an open source platform to help customers manage warehouse systems and operations increasing storage efficiency by as much as 400%, reduce labor costs by up to 50% and achieve a goods retrieval accuracy of 100%.

Inside a GLP Smart Warehouse

GLP continues to digitalize core logistics operations by providing a connecting point for customers to access the latest advancements in automation, robotics, data analytics and other new technologies and services, to ensure the highest possible level of operational efficiency. Processes that used to be manual, such as inventory tracking, dispatching, capacity optimization and billing are now automated, allowing for much more precision, efficiency and complexity.


Technology & Services

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